4 Corners Alliance Group and it’s SEVEN MASSIVE streams of income have done nothing more than cause controversy. In my 4 Corners Alliance Group review I will shut down the haters, tell you the great about 4 Corners, explain the bad and make you more comfortable on understanding this soon to be 9 figure company!

It’s been over 2 years since David Harrison C.E.O of 4 Corners Alliance Group started the company. For him it was a dream come true. Being in several different management & software companies he was finally able to pursue his passion for providing personal financial development.

As far as me Jeff Medrano goes, finding this perfect infrastructure has been a godsend. You ask if I ever made money with 4 Corners yet? My answer to that is YES. I jumped into the opportunity real quick with no hesitation because I understood its power from the get go.

Why pass up on an $18 dollar product that you only have to pay for onetime your whole life and get to reap the rewards of that investment. That would be foolish of me.

That first $18 you pay out of pocket, $10 goes towards the first product which 4 Corners offers. It’s the first out of 6 Financial Literacy line of products. The other $8 goes towards administrative fees. This puts you in the position to receive instant commissions from the company and earn if you bring others onto 4 Corners as an affiliate. From the diagram below you can see very well as to what you can potentially earn if you go hard with this. This compensation plan is a multi-tiered uni-level pay plan.


To maximize the income an affiliate makes from 4 Corners they utilize a 4×6 forced matrix. An affiliate earns a commission every time some one purchases a product no matter where they are in your down-line.

Another cool feature about 4 Corners is that once you have enough money in your account balance the system automatically purchases the next product in the series for you. You don’t have to do anything but sit back hands free.

As the product cost rises you are qualified for a higher commission so as long as you have already purchased that product yourself. Again the system automatically purchases it for you so you can best believe you will gain higher commissions.

Your down line can be built in two ways and I love this feature as well. Your direct sponsor above you can place people underneath you and the people below you can bring others onto your team. You really only have to bring in your first 4 people, but it’s not recommended if you want to reach diamond level. Diamond level is sponsoring 200 plus personal members onto your direct down line.

Now you gonna like this next topic I touch on. It’s gonna take your income to levels you only dreamed of. It is the 100% matching commission.

If someone you bring onto the team sponsors someone else, they receive a commission. Are you with me? Now YOU TOO receive the same commission. How cool is that? But to qualify again you have to have purchased that product as well. Again done automatically with in the system.

Can you now see how powerful this is? And this isn’t even done yet. That’s only two income streams out of seven.

There is still the:
1. Monthly Starien Digital Marketing Academy.
2. The monthly Newsletter.
3. Matching 100% sponsor commissions on the monthly newsletter.
4. And retail commissions of the 6 Financial Literacy products.

That’s right. You can also retail those to make an even more income for yourself and your family.

My outcome review of 4 Corners Alliance Group ends with nothing to say bad about the company. It has nothing but great features any Entrepreneur can come to appreciate. The money is real and it’s fast.

This is why I have spent valuable time and effort today to build a team portal that will ease the marketing and sharpen the learning curve in order for my whole down-line to be successful. It’s what we call A Rich Entourage.

If you become part of Rich Entourage. The whole teams goal is to push each other into making Diamond level in the company. We hope we can achieve this goal.

Welcome Aboard The Rich Entourage.